Senior Chief Petty Officer Jacob Tapman

Jake or Chief

A “hard-wired brick of a man who exudes confidence and power, and a slight sense of vulnerability that he tries hard to disguise”. His parents separated when he was in middle school, and his mother was killed by a drunk driver during his senior year of High School. Rather than go to live with his father, Sam Tapman, he joined the Navy as soon as he turned eighteen. A hard-driven sailor he had one dream: To become a Navy SEAL. He graduated BUD/S before he turned 25 and has steadily risen in rank since. The mission to Syria has created a professional, personal, and moral crossroads for him.

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Jabbar Playing Card - Hearts

Bassel Abid el Jabbar

Jabbar or Abdijabbar – the One Who Serves the Almighty God

The Jack of Hearts on his “Most Wanted Card”, Jabbar is a Syrian doctor and devote Muslim who studied medicine in France after attending university in several European countries. He fluently speaks Arabic, French and English. He was actively recruited by the Islamic Nation, but distained politics, focusing his life on healing, his wife Gabrielle La Rue and eleven year old daughter Candice. His world was destroyed after his daughter was raped and murdered, and his wife became collateral damage. The name on his forged Saudi Arabian passport is Abdul Rahman.

Vice Admiral Nancy Brightman

A well-respected and seasoned commander, she is moving towards thirty years in the Navy and an eventual quiet retirement with a loving husband and a good pension. She lives with her husband in a quiet suburb of San Diego, and her neighbors have no idea that she is in charge of one of the most experienced and deadliest small military units in the world.

Ranch Hand

Daren Cooper

Ranch Hand

Really is a cow puncher, with a modest ranch in South Dakota. A small town kid, his unrelenting smile cuts through the darkness. He has worked livestock all his life, and doesn’t really see much of a difference between that and what he is doing now, imposing his will upon other men instead of cattle. His spinal cord was severed during the raid in Syria, and he is confined to a wheel chair.

Herbert Tillis


An Anarchist, he had called himself “Herb” years ago because he thought it was cool to sound like one of the many nick names for pot. And, he smoked a lot of pot back then. But, as the tattoos and the piercings increased, he became “RASER”, which he pronounced “razor”, but those who saw his numerous hastily scrawled graffiti tags throughout Oakland usually thought it was “racer”. He has lost weight over the years, and now is scrawny and often smells badly. Has cut his hair very short on one side and very long on the other, and dyed it blue. Has a long poorly done tattoo on the right side of his neck, a bird or something.


Deputy-under Secretary Lloyd Wilson

A life-long bureaucrat and political appointee. He has made a very good living by having just enough dirt on elected officials that they choose to do nothing except avoid him. He has by far exceeded his highest level of incompetence. Petty, blustering and a braggart, he is “all hat and no cattle”.

FBI Agent Sylvia Ko

Her own parents had immigrated from Korea, sacrificed everything to get her into Harvard Law, and she was snapped up by the FBI. With the hopes of her family riding on her, she had always been driven to excel both in school and in her profession. Based in the Phoenix office, she is being watched by the Bureau’s highest levels.

Ali Omar

Ali Omar

A towering beast of a man, nicknamed “the Bear”, because of his size and profuse body hair. Omar is completely loyal to Jabbar, after the Syrian doctor gave his dying mother care and medicine when she was too weak to come to the hospital for treatment. He will follow Jabbar anywhere, and do anything for him.

Anthony Warner


Small, bald, manic and part iron, a miniature beast in uniform. Nobody works harder, but he is often on the verge of losing control. He just wants to get things done, the “how” is of less importance than the “now”. Has a prominent boa constrictor tattoo on his neck that represents his wife’s (Snake) fighting style.


Elaine Warner


She is covered with tattoos, which she loves to show off, and is a muscled female version of her husband Antman. Between the two of them, nobody really knows who is the tougher warrior, but she definitely works out more, which is saying a lot. She is also the reigning mixed-martial arts World Champion in the women’s lightweight class, specializing in arm-bars and choke-holds.

Roger Dunston

An enigma, a thin and reedy forty-something chain-smoker who could be CIA or NSA, but he’s hugely credentialed and intensely autonomous. He always considers himself the “smartest man in the room”, and loves the game of international intrigue, quietly outsmarting unknown opponents half a world away.

Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson

Intense, smart, black and Antman’s best friend. A big man, he towers over Antman. They are inseparable either on or off the battlefield. Constantly competing against each other and the rest of the world, Lucas brings out the best in everyone around him.

Roberta Tapman

A tall Hispanic beauty, her parents were outraged when Jake asked then for permission to marry her. It has never been easy, alone so many times, not knowing where her husband was, or if he was even alive, but she toughs it out and loves him even more when he comes back. She may look soft, but doesn’t scare and can take care of herself in any situation.

Roberta Tapman


A beautiful Yemeni woman, she has been living quietly in Central America as ordered by Yasir. She has slowly built a circle of friends and a comfortable life in Guatemala City, always dreading the day when a call will come from the Islamic Nation. All of her expenses have been paid, and she has never been required to do much before. That will change

Khalid Hamza Yasir

Born into a squalid life and poor parents, he has risen to power as a Yemeni senior politician and statesman, he is also one of the driving forces pushing the Islamic Nation forward. Ruthless as a younger man, he has come to appreciate his position, privilege and fame. He mixes easily with heads of State, while secretly planning acts of mass murder.



The bomb-maker, he has murdered hundreds in several countries with his improvised explosives. Able to manufacture bombs both big and small from common materials, he specializes in anti-personnel weapons laden with small projectiles that maim and kill.


A non-descript, thin black American that you wouldn’t pick out of a crowd. He grew up in the mid-west, where his family were the only black farmers in the entire county. He was quiet and well-liked in High School, but his passion was honing his shooting skills on prairie dogs more than studying. The best shot in the whole squad by far and the deadliest, his kill count in the dozens. He is the unit’s sniper.


Saeed Abbadi

A Jordanian Tourist Policeman, he was drafted at the last minute as a translator for the mission to Syria with little military experience. He wasn’t even trusted enough to be given a weapon, and sent along by his superiors with little thought for his safety and little concern if he returned.

Moonif (Ahmed)

After seeing the internet videos of Jabbar and his suffering at the hands of the Americans, he was inspired to leave the refugee camp in Turkey and seek him out and offer to join his jihad. He is eighteen years old, and had only recently finished primary school when the civil war in Syria broke out. Strikingly handsome with pitch black eyelashes and with light blue eyes, he looks like he is wearing mascara.


Ziyad el Allia

Short, bespeckled and always seemingly a little lost, he is completely loyal to Yasir, and he has special knowledge that “must be protected at all costs”. Jabbar does not like or trust him, but that is fine as Ziyad feels exactly the same.