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    Now, you’re the critic

    Love the story or hate it, I’d like to hear from you, especially if you have suggestions or corrections. Also, if you have any technical problems with the website, downloading the written or audio files, or have problems seeing the graphics, tell us and we’ll get that corrected as quickly as possible.


    1. Insert trumpets.mp3

        here: OK, just kidding.

        I have never been alone in writing Shadow Men.

        I would like to thank my good friend and accomplished author David Chisholm for his sage advice, encouragement and guidance. You can learn more about David at It’s worth a look.

        Next in line, Madiha Ansari of Pixel Interact is responsible for the highly creative web design which she put together quickly and efficiently. It looks and functions great, and I have loved working with her. She will also be adding the new Parts in the weeks ahead!

        And, Jon Casey, the Artist who created the Character Portraits. It wasn’t an easy commission, and he struggled for weeks on how best to capture the quirks and traits of each fictional individual. He nailed it. Having Character Portraits and descriptions is an unusual feature, but Jon has brought them to life. More displays of Jon’s immense talent can be found on his website

    2. westerlin94501 says:

      It has been three action packed days since Shadow Men went LIVE! Between the posts and pages on Facebook, we received over 100 “Likes” in the first 24 hours. Since then we have had nearly 300 downloads of Part One in both text and audio files!

      Yesterday I met with Jon Casey, the Character Portrait artist, and he is busy preparing new graphics to be added next week. I am especially anxious to see how he interprets “Roger Dunston”, it should be a lot of fun. Part Two is now being finalized, and will be posted on schedule this weekend.

    3. Dan Westerlin says:

      It is very exciting to have Part Two up and available for download, along with the new Character Portraits. This week we are also talking to veterans’ charities about how we will structure our donations. I hope to have more information to post on that soon. The plan is to offer Parts One through Four available at no charge here on the website, and then offer the entire novel, including the all important Part Five, available as an E-Book in March. Although it is difficult to project how much money we will be able to generate, 100% for all E-Book sales will be given to charity.

      Look for Part Three to be posted no later than February 27th!

    4. Dan Westerlin says:

      Shadow Men is complete, and Part Four will be published the weekend of March 5th, 2017. The entire story, including the cataclysmic conclusion, will be available as an E-Book on March 15th for $2.99. I have chosen this cost because it will generate the maximum revenue for our veterans’ charities. 100% of ALL revenues will be donated, and I have been in touch with two charities already. I will have more information on how to purchase the e-book and how the revenue will be distributed by March 15th.

    5. Dan Westerlin says:

      Shadow Men can be easily read on your PC, laptop, IPad or smartphone by downloading the free app, available in the Kindle Store at

    6. Dan Westerlin says:

      Excellent progress so far! In the first month of publication Shadow Men is already establishing itself as a great story and five-star reviews are being posted. Additionally, hard-copies are now available at Books Inc., the oldest independent bookstore in the West, at 1344 Park Street in Alameda CA.

      We have also mailed the first checks for $500 to both the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Arts in the Armed Forces. Going forward we will update them on our sales on a quarterly basis and send them their royalty checks.

      Many thanks to those who have purchased the story!

    7. Dan Westerlin says:

      I am a little shell-shocked right now. This week Amazon has banned advertising for “Shadow Men” on Kindle E-readers solely because the cover includes an image of a “gun or ammo”. Yes, that same image that you see on the Home Page here. The book cover is a picture of an American war-fighter preparing for combat, and Amazon’s Creative Acceptance Policy dictates that such an image is unsuitable and unacceptable for Kindle users. Without the opportunity to advertise “Shadow Men” directly to the millions of Kindle users, sales will be dramatically reduced. Perhaps even more importantly, those millions of readers will never have the opportunity to decide for themselves if this story is of interest.

      Censorship is always a difficult and often ugly question. But when an image of an American hero is considered unsuitable for display, particularly as we approach Memorial Day, I wonder where our country is headed.

    8. Dan Westerlin says:

      1,500 “Likes” on Facebook! To celebrate I am giving away ten FREE copies! All you have to do is send me an email, yes it is that simple! Every 25th email I receive before July 20th WINS.

      Let’s make it a tradition! When we achieve 2,000 “Like” I will give away another ten copies. Visit the Shadow Men page on Facebook and give it a “Like”. Also, be sure to send me an email and enter to win a FREE personalized copy.

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